Stripping & Cutting Scrap Metal

As a value added service, we offer an on-site scrap metal cutting and clearing service. This service is particularly convenient for clients who have large structures, equipment or machinery that they can not otherwise move or strip themselves.

Our site clean up are completed by a trained team who will come in, cut and clear a site in no time at all.

The service includes:

  • On-site cutting
  • Cutting and clearing of large metal objects
  • Competitive payout rates for scrap metal
  • Experienced cutting crew
  • FREE scrap collection and delivery to our yard

Please note that Ideal Scrap Metal, at our discretion,  reserves the right to refuse the purchase of any scrap metal.

Minimum tonnage required. For more information, please feel free to complete our online enquiry form or give us a call!

Gary083 448 4142

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    We Pay CASH For Scrap!

    Ideal Scrap Metal is a proud member of the Metal Recyclers Association of South Africa.