Ferrous Metals

Turn your scrap into cash through Ideal Scrap Metal! We buy a wide variety range of ferrous metals that will put easy money into your pocket.

Ferrous Metals that we buy includes:

  • Busheling/Clips/Stampings
  • Plate & structural (P&S)
  • Heavy melt steel (HMS)
  • Cast iron (all grades)
  • Heavy cast machinery
  • Sheet iron & appliances
  • Tool steel & carbide
  • On-site bailing of sub grade material
  • Etc…

We buy scrap both on and off-site. For your convenience, we pay cash or through EFT for your scrap.

Need more information about selling a load of scrap metal? Simply complete our online enquiry form or give us a call:

Gary083 448 4142
Leonard081 016 3689

Sell your scrap metal today!

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    We Pay CASH For Scrap!

    Ideal Scrap Metal is a proud member of the Metal Recyclers Association of South Africa.